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Default Re: Does a Devil Exist?

He does, indeed. Just go to any serious church where they cast off demons to see. Anyone who believes in Jesus must acknowledge that too, since Jesus spent half his time on Earth casting off and rebuking demons. Remember, He even talked to them and they talked back in fear.
However, demons are not Satan. Satan is his leader, and probably few people will face him...he is probably wasting his time on Bush or the Queen.
Many people who have been involved with spiritism or occult practices will meet demons. First, as angels of light. Later, as the evil beasts they are. Especially if they try to get away from them.
I know a girl friend who was awakened by a demon on top of her during the night. He told her that she couldn`t do anything because her husband was sleeping. She was scared, but was able to call the name of Jesus and the thing went away.
My mother was once in a bus station and a guy came from the other side (far away) directly to her and challenged her: "you are a christian but you will die and rot anyway"...she was able to rebuke him and Jesus name and he was gone.
Mother also worked a lot in deliverance and was able to pray and rebuke demons in a woman that 3 police men could not restrain. (not by her power, but the authority that Jesus gives us).
I have seen demons driving people to the sea to drown them in the middle of macumba sessions at the beach. I have seen demons speak thru mediums and sarcastically say that they are demons, alright.
There are stories like the German woman who went to a macumba session for the folklore side and when the ritual started, she (who was just watching) fell to the ground, possessed. It is on tape.
They will tell how they torment people and keep them in bondage if forced to. They try to make people think they are crazy, they destroy families, they make people commit suicide. This is no cakewalk, it is heavy stuff.
You material minded First World people need to wake up. Buy the books:
"The Beautiful Side of Evil".Michaelson
"Satan`s Underground" Stratford

There are many in Portuguese, but without translations unfortunately.
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