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Default Re: Carousels used in Programming

Originally Posted by Clock_Princess View Post
Oh, no, nobody discouraged me. lol I've just been trying to do a little bit of my own research on the subject. Honestly, the reason I ask is because I once read somewhere that carousels were significant in the mind control process, thought that was kind of interesting, but heard nothing since. So...I'm still looking.
I thought you meant The Carousel Process, since carousels go round, and round, thus, for example a alcoholic, or life long drug abuser, they can go years without destroying there minds with those things, and then suddenly go back on the Carousel of destruction, this is a carousel process of sorts.But as far as kids on the Carousel, well they don't need that to be mind controled, that's what the modern public education system is for. As well as the entertainment industry.
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