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Default Re: Carousels used in Programming

Originally Posted by Clock_Princess View Post
Oh, no, nobody discouraged me. lol I've just been trying to do a little bit of my own research on the subject. Honestly, the reason I ask is because I once read somewhere that carousels were significant in the mind control process, thought that was kind of interesting, but heard nothing since. So...I'm still looking.
I JUST HAD A REVELATION! I remember a song by the Beatles that mentions this phrase (LIKE A CAROUSEL) IN ITS LYRICS, I maybe mistaken but the beatles were Tavistock Operatives, there music did a lot of damage to peoples minds, with lyrics such as 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' or LSD acid tripping, try googling that phrase (like a carousel) on you tube or something. NOTE: I mentioned this on CC sometime last year that if you type in Tavistock in the search engine at Godlike you get a merry christmas message, and then a immediate ban from said site, pretty pathetic that site.
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