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Default Re: Bible Study - Let us ponder together

Anyone else here, have an early memory, prior to being born? Nope, not kidding...

I've had this memory, but yet, I don't recall anything from when I was an infant!

My memory goes as follows, I was soaring, flying around in an area of darkness, kinda similar to the feeling you get if you've ever left your body while sleeping, but I can't say for how long exactly, but it seemed less than a minute.

The next thing I know, I was shown that cameras would be everywhere, then the next thing I remember was a loud noise. But it was more like a bang with vibrato to it, similar to the sound of a JAKE BRAKE on a semi!

[ If you've ever been on the hwy and a truck nearby used one to slow down, you'd never forget that sound ]

Except that, instead of the noise slowing down, like on a truck, it was speeding up, as if something was coming closer to me that was gonna hurt me. I was scared after that, and it was right after I got frightened, that I recall being escorted to a point where I didn't want to enter, it is were we go to come here to earth. [ don't ask me how I know, I just know ]

I was fighting it, I didn't want to come, because I knew I was going to be hurt here. Needless to say I lost the fight.

This is not something that is easily discussed with people. When the thought resurfaced in my head every once in a while as a child, I didn't know how to discuss it with my folks . I was trying to figure out what it meant, but I'd get frustrated, then think of something else and forget about it.

After puberty, the memory went into hibernation until when in my thirties, I heard a news report about they were working on closed circuit cameras to be put in public places in the UK, and the cameras would be everywhere! And BAM !!!!, just like that, it came flooding back into my mind, and again, I wasn't sure what it meant for me, but I was sure it was a message, maybe a mile marker of sorts. I should say, that I wasn't yet saved. I still had not yet discussed this with anyone. I wasn't really sure how to go about it. And I suppose I figured that most would say I was confused and that it was really a dream and to forget about it.

It wasn't until the year after my father died and 911 went down and I got saved, did I mention it to my mother. I've been studying The Word and the scumbags of this world ever since. And that noise, well, I think that is the last thing I'm gonna hear, before going to the next world.

Things are rarely as they seem on the surface
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