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There is evidence to suggest that some children who were used in Mind Control experimentation and subjected to electroshock, etc. were institutionalized under the "guise" of a mental disorder which was most most likely created while incarcerated in MKULTRA and/or any one of their many "sadistic" programs.

Can we acquire a new word please, in place of PROGRAM?

How 'bout Mind Control Programming?

My early memories tell me that there were "talent scouts" who visited my elementary school and I was identified, most probably along with other children, as gifted and talented and placed in a so-called accelerated program where we left the school premises so that our "creative" minds could be enhanced.

I'm sure it was also known by the perpetrators that I was sexually abused at home, which is what they look for because our young minds have already fragmented. An integral part of the programming. In addition, my family had connections to the Mafia and I was used in CIA/Mafia pornography.

Although I recall telling my parents that I no longer wanted to attend THAT school or the PROGRAM, I believe they may have been promised that I had a future in the entertainment industry, government, writer, etc. and that I was quite possibly their ticket out of the poor house.

I was adamant. I would run away. I would do whatever. I was being abused horribly and I wanted OUT!

Look at the many musicians, entertainers, etc. who come from what may have been abusive families, who were "dirt" poor, but are rich and famous and fulfill some type of agenda for the NWO. Whether it is pushing "sexual" inhibition, immoral behavior, disrespect, etc.

Their recruiting procedures when going outside of bloodline for their pawns are not a secret. Look for children who are abused at home/gifted/talented and poor.

Anyway, inasmuch as I was opposed to the so-called PROGRAM for gifted/talented and anything and everything that was perpetrated upon me by my parents and those who were attempting to groom me as one of their PAWNS, albeit in the music industry, as a writer, in government, etc., and traumatizing me, they were able to "trigger" what my parents referred to as the dreaded family disease, "schizophrenia" (which they created) and institutionalize me for experimentation purposes and in order to silence/neutralize and contain me. Shred my credibility as a child, if you will.

Whom within my family had the so-called "dreaded" disease? I don't know. I'm just certain that my mother fell prey to the perpetrators most probably when she was placed in an orphange after both parents deceased before she was 14. It is most likely she was abused at home, as well.

Patriotism to country is first and foremost while in the program. This, so you can display your love of country to your countrymen if you become a public figure, but all the while fulfilling their agenda for them either knowingly or unknowingly as a puppet on a string. A marionette, if you will which is completely and totally, as you know, AGAINST all that which we WANT AMERICA to be!

Can you name a Senator or any government official who isn't wealthy?

As far as secret, silent and invisible weapons. I reported this to my protectors as a child. What they were experimenting with and the symptoms they could cause.

They are at present continuing to target me and my family members.

There are certain aches and pains that occur OUT OF NOWHERE. A feeling of being flushed; itchy skin, to name a few.

I've written about others on this thread.


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