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Originally Posted by Time=Now View Post
You're saying that I'm not credible due to my firm belief that a cosmic force initially formed the government, when in fact, it's less far out than saying a man in the clouds created the Earth in 7 days, etc, or even all life for that matter. - I currently am having a hard time paying my utility bill, & if I wanted to profit from my site, I'd have banners on it, but I want to prove that I'm not in this for the money. - So life is hard for me, & you have not helped, I feel resentment. - Some support, like people saying something like 'perhaps we should open our minds a bit, for even if it COULD be true, it would be stupid to dismiss it.'

thank you, & I hope we can engage in more friendly conversation in the future.
Kindly provide a quote from me wherein I stated that you had no credibility.

I said that most people DISCREDIT those who believe reptilians or shape shifting lizards are behind the corruption of our universe.

If you don't believe this to be the truth, you are being naive.

You said I was ruining your credibility merely because I don't believe in the theory and expressed it on this forum.

So, for your sake, I should adopt your belief?

Do you think I'm the only person who doesn't believe in this theory and that I have enough power to single handedly ruin your credibility?

Sorry, but I'm not going to buy into the theory merely to save your credibility and I doubt I have enough influence to ruin whatever credibility you have, wherever you have it and with whom and what you have it.

Seems you want to blame someone for something and you've chosen me.

DO NOT BLAME me as a contributing factor to your life being hard because I don't believe in this theory.

That is completely ridiculous.

If I agreed with your theory, I assume then I would not be responsible for making your life even more difficult?

Seems to me you're looking to blame someone for the difficulties in your life and you've chosen me.

I've been through difficult times, my friend, and I certainly don't blame you for them.
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