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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

Originally Posted by Time=Now View Post
With 4000 posts, surely you have tons of .... time on your hands ... What I can't understand is why you couldn't manage it a bit to take an hour to look up the evidence that would make you realize that yes, the universe is MUCH stranger than you can even imagine, & there are stranger creatures than reptilians, surely, if you know anything about the Drake equation. - So if you want to go & automatically ASSume I have no credibility, you wont listen to my advice to just fucking look at the info yourself, so I'll say it again; If you outright refuse to even attempt to accept it as a possibility that it may in fact be a serious cause for concern,(today's problems & government manipulation is caused by much more than just secret societies) then I will remind you that I have asked you to not talk to me about it if you are so ignorant. - When people spoke of the Earth being Round, or UFOs, they were not taken seriously, because too many people like you are PROGRAMMED & CONDITIONED to laugh at stuff like this.

And I'm not stupid, Blueangel, as you probably ASSume; I havn't made it clear yet, but when I write up the plan of action (to do something about all this, instead of sitting on our asses punching keys on the keyboard) , I will make it clear that we must have a PEACEFUL worldwide protest. - Rioting will induce martial law. But I guess you don't even believe there will is a plan for aa New World Order, because the alternative news is based on what people read, & is merely theory, according to you, despite many people in key positions talking about it, for example, numerous UFO abductees & CREDIBLE people in black operations that have seen Reptilians in bases & crafts... oh, not to mention our ancestors, whom you owe your life to, & the Reptilians were a commonly, publicly accepted reality, so to disrespect them is outroageous, & you make me sick, Blue'Angel'.
Excuse me, but my 4,000 posts are a part of my job and I have been a member of Club Conspiracy on and off for three plus years.

But, anyway, sorry that I have made your life difficult and have made you sick.

I supppose I was trying to advise you that whatever credibility you have may be diminished with your reptilian theory belief.

That's all.

I certainly understand the world is more complicated than we know and that there is MUCH that has been kept secret from us, but I CANNOT adopt the shape shifting lizard theory unless I saw them with my own eyes and not merely based on hearsay.

People have been spotting UFO's for a very long time and no one has taken them seriously. Do you think that, perhaps, this may be an OPERATION with a means to an end?

Recently, military men, aircraft pilots, scientists have proclaimed that they've seen UFO's. All of a sudden, they EXIST, because they people are PROFESSIONALS and, therefore, have more credibility than the SHEEPLE!
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