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Default Re: IMPORTANT MESSAGE (I wish I knew this Forum before!)We're getting close to too la

---> This is the quote of yours you have requested: (within it's original, (edited context)

" You must realize that this belief does not lend itself to credibility and by stating so, you open yourself up to new conspiracy theorists thinking you may be stupid and not because of any question I asked of you. "

((( I would like to add that I want to have friendly conversations with you, & negativity drains me, & it sucks completely! I'm sorry for expressing my stress towards you, because you did have a legitimate question. We may have a short time, so lets make it a good time, for the time is now... )))

I am a conspiracy realist. - Not a theorist. ... So, as I was saying ,; There are theories, & there a PURE CONSPIRACIES. (facts)

In my effort to get this out to people after looking into it extensively, ( is a good place to start ) I forgot to make it clear that I in no way am ordering anyone to believe something, but as in any case, I would still go out on a limb to make sure I get information oout to people
EVEN IF IT WAS MERELY A THEORY< OR JUST A POSSIBILITY, BUT IN THIS CASE IT ACTUALLY IS TRUE) (caps 4 emphasis , not yelling) Please attempt to redirect your skepticism towards the reality you are told that exists, & what must not exist. - The existence of UFOs has been a 'postulation' for some time, so has 9/11... But despite definitive proof, government officials continue to deny their existence. - And it's not for fear of unrest, & people being scared, for they clearly want to induce fear. - You see; - Yes, there are theories regarding the origins of the Reptilians (who then allegedly interbred with the native people of the Earth, & the purebreds went underground & the hybrid race became the power structures, such as Monarchy, banking, government, etc... MAN, it's hard not to digress with this stuff! ) Anyways, the theories are : 1)They came from another planet, 2) they come from a parallel universe, or 3) They evolved naturally on the planet, or with the Earth. David Icke believes it's all 3, while I adhere to the belief that they came from another planet thousands of years ago, & presented themselves as Gods; The fallen angels.

" You must realize that this belief does not lend itself to credibility and by stating so, you open yourself up to new conspiracy theorists thinking you may be stupid and not because of any question I asked of you. "

Not because of anything you said, eh? Oh no? If I replied with a one liner as you did ' do you believe this because read it somewhere ,I think you'd find that quite insulting as well, & I'm sure anyone else would, especially if they were expecting a few people to be 'yeah right -ish' ... No offense to people who take the bible literally, but if you go & tell the priest that he is not giving credibility to himself by believing God created the Earth in 7 days, I'm sure you'd get VERY little respect. - But the thing is; jI have evidence that has caused me to be certain of this as to call it fact, & that is why I am not going to avoid certain information like Alex Jones & not speak of the Reptilians, for he KNOWS people will ridicule him, as is happening with me? one doesn't even have to be aware of the evidence , as it is clear the elite is evil as hell. Just look at what is going on... What my question is is: why do so many people spend so much energy on denial, rather than become diligent, clear thinking rational people who are interested in looking at all possibilities, especially when the areas of information are so unexplored due to too many people not even looking at the evidence.

just download: the Biggest secret - A book, yes, but one that documents VERIFIABLE events that paint a much larger, bigger picture that you seem to fail to grasp. And the narrow-mindedness will have to be worked around, by making it short, sweet, clear & undeniable for the general public. I mean, I was even reluctant to include info about UFOs on my site, but it is necessary, due to their plan for a staged alien invasion to get their NWO if all else fails. (not to mention that billions of tax dollars have been used to study & build crafts & they are sitting on technology that could save the World from pollution, & an energy crisis that seems to be necessary to induce civil unrest, & when the Reptilians make themselves known, it will be too late. - It is important to be aware of this, not even believe it. - So it doesn't matter if people don't believe it.
Most people still say 'yeah right' to me when I tell the 9/11 was an inside job, so whatever. - It's about presenting the facts in a clear, understandable way. But don't go telling your friends that we are controlled by lizard men, as they will give you the ridicule you fear...
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