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Default Re: Americans can't think for themselves

nohope187 wrote:
Here we go again. I've said this before on a couple different times on different threads, but hey RG. Do you know anyone in your neighborhood who's aware about the NWO? What about your hometown, city or state? Nobody right? In fact, most of Amerika doesn't believe the NWO even exists. Most Amerikans don't believe government sponsored terror exists. A little more than half of Amerika(including the entire military) worships the ground that Bush walks on. I'm third generation Amerikan myself, and you don't see anyone else here from Tennessee on this site do you? So as far as all things NWO goes, Amerikans are stupid and deserve the tyranny that's coming to them because not enough people are waking up to make any difference. That goes for the rest of the world too. :-P
Actually there is another person living in Tennessee here now :-P Been lurking here a while and although the world is in a sad state I'm always hoping it can get better. It's crazy how people proudly display their "W" bumper stickers around here like it's some kind of status symbol.

I tried talking to my family about this but the attitude I got from them was that I was too negative and that my attitude sucked.

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