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Default Re: Why Do people say the jews run the world?

Originally Posted by TrojanMan View Post
I noticed that everyone says the jews run the world when they get all old crazy...BUt now they have my ear and I want to know what they mean NoW! Plus whats the differents from a jew running the world and just a european from texas or england or russia; why the disdain for jews.
This is not a easy question/s to answer,but, to begin with not all Jews are evil and sadistic. And when doing research to find the clues as to who is behind the CONSPIRACIES ENVELOPING THE PLANET, a person must confront the obvious before him/her, and that is that the very Jews, (and remember, there are various sects, such as Khazaric and Sephardic) boldly and boastfully, proclaim there absolute authority over this planet based on a SATANIC BOOK OF ABOMINATION called the Talmud, this "holy book" of the Jews, which is a complete whitewash of the Torah, which is the true Book of the Jews as found in the holy bible. Anyway,this book the Talmud, along with another Jewish creation, the Protocols of the learned elders of Zion, very FRANKLY AND COHERENTLY lays out the BLUEPRINT FOR WORLD DOMINATION AND CONTROL BY THE JEWS. Many say this is rubbish, but they fear the truth, for fear of offending and being labeled a racist, these documents, along with a plethora of Jewish scholars in the know about many dark conspiracies emanating from the Jews, provides the would be conspiracy researcher with monumental documentation and PROOF THAT JEWS DO INDEED CONTROL THE WORLD, thru finances, religion, and always causing wars between various nations and groups. It is without a doubt Diabolical in nature, as to what they have yet planned for humanity.
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