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Default Re: Satanic ritual in Iraq


I take your reason for the topic diversion.
Sorry for not reading more carefully.

Also,I have not denied the ayat of 19."Aleyha Tis'ata Ashar". Among them are 19.
However the topic does not interest me because
,I do not need to indulge my self with mathematical equations to Beleive the Kur'an is the word of God.

Just answer me this.. Rashid Khalifa has anounced the last 2 verses of Surah Tevbe as not being part of the Kur'an because it doesnt fit in with his 19 equations,so for 1400 years people have been reading a Kur'an which has been incorrect?
What kind of a God was it that sent a book and couldnt protect it for 1400 hundred years like he says in another verse of the Kur'an?

This is where we come into disagreement.Rashid Khalifa's claim is that the Kur'an was a book with an extra 2 verses which makes it a book taunted by man, where the muslims greatest defence to the non muslim world is that the Kur'an is a book not interfered or changed by man.
Your Rashid Khalifa has tried to contradict this beleif.

You say people were punished for their submission to hadith, Muslims have been submissive to hadith for centuries and centuries, why were they not punished by natural disasters?
The greatest Islamic states in history who ruled with justice followed hadith, why were some of them able to rule in justice for centuries?
Your claims take everyone who has followed Islam in these 1400 years to be morons.Because everyone for the past 1400 years followed hadith.And offcourse followed hadith second only to the Kur'an

Think carefully...
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