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Default Re: becoming change agents... the other side does it!!!

I now recall, at least the general feeling of what pissed me off, was that it was selling atheism.

It's a NEW AGE video, truth and spin all mixed up, and for those who are not saved, just the thing to help set them up for the coming one world religion and leader.

satan is working through the beast [ the beast is a political entity ] to help shuffle in the new world religion, which will be a mother earth type tree hugging kinda thing that the new agers seem to be glomming onto, not because it is truth, but because they are so bombarded with this crap from all directions, that they've learned to peel out some parts that seem ok to them.

I see them as kinda like making lemonade out of lemons. Most of the NEW AGERS have no worthwhile valid formal and honest exposure to real scriptures, real doctrine, because most churches have turned and joined the mother church. Not to mention the non stop sleaze they are constantly exposed to on an assault of the senses like basis from everywhere, tv, magazines ,friends, movies, got your ; idol worship, money worship, self worship, violence, drug use and sex...24/7

the NEW AGERS see any religion as phony and rightly so, because that's what they are shown, if ever, they're shown phonies as true, but they don't know it, because they never seen the real thing, at least not on teevee!

And to any NEW AGER that truly was shown the scriptures and The Word, just blew it off, because it sounded the same.

I can speak from experience, that I didn't get it very easily myself, from the 1st time or the 20th time being exposed to it. I lost track, it took me 50+ yrs to get saved, so I understand the difficulty involved.

Bottom line is zeitgeist is disinfo...
Things are rarely as they seem on the surface
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