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Default Re: DC Madam Suicided???

Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
OK, people, think about this, she got 'suicided' by hanging at her moms house??? Although She was looking at 50 years in prison, but, why would she commit suicide at her moms house? Answer: because the PTB "sent a message" to any remaining family members who might think of talking.
I dunno, RedRat. I mean, sending a message to other family members!?!

What's their message?

They'll kill any and all family members who might be thinking about speaking out and make them all look like suicides?

And, these family members would have suicided, because?

The Madam was facing 50 years in prison. That's a pretty good reason to suicide.

Don't cha think it would be somewhat obvious if other family members were killed in "apparent" suicides without any reason for taking their own lives?

They're not facing prison time.
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