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Default Re: DC Madam Suicided???

Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
Ok BA, LETS WALK THRU THIS TOGETHER, who has been in charge of the U.S. Government since the late fifties? Answer: The Jews from Israel, the Israeli Government and it's operatives from it's various SPY AGENCIES (mosssad, etc..) so what they do is "set-up" U.S. Politicians thru sex scandals and various other shenanigans, they do this to maintain ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF THE U.S! This "Madam" I suspect is a Israeli Operative, so, do you get the big picture? It's just "SPECULATION" on my part, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS!
First of all Rat, we don't need to walk through anything together.

You really should drop the condescending attitude.

YOU stated that the madame was not who I thought she was. I asked you who she was and now you tell me that it's pure speculation on your part, as is many times the case, and that you suspect she is an Israeli Operative.

Okay, you're entitled to your opinion.

So why did you ask me if I HAD ROPE?

As far as INFORMING me that our politicians are sexually blackmailed so that the CONGRESS remains under total control by the BANKSTERS, I would assume, by this statement, that you haven't read anything that I've written about Project Monarch being used as a control mechanism for this very reason. CONTROL.

The children incarcerated in same were used to "sexually blackmail" politicians at home and abroad and to satisfy the sexual deviant desires of these men. Sadistic, bestiality, etc.

You get the picture?

Prostitution rings; pornography, all courtesy of the CIA/Mafia. Big money to fund black operations.

Keep this in mind.

Most politicians, as we know, are WEALTHY. Go through the list in Congress and find one who is POOR. Many are born into wealth, power and fame; (like the Kennedy's) and are of bloodline. Wealth, fame and power, most times, is a corrupting factor in and of itself and so the "controllers" don't need much help.

Those who are not of bloodline, (like the Clinton's) are corrupted and blackmailed as well, most times beginning at a very young age because they know they will serve them one day.

Whether it be drugs or sex with children.


Ask Dylan. He'll tell you that you've got to serve somebody. Could be the DEVIL, right, Bob?

Then you have those who were born into the cult and they are a product of their environment. Sexual deviant behavior, sadistic, etc. Not to say the blood liners and the rest of the perverts in the "satanic cult" are not, of course.

These CIA programs are not owned and operated by the Mossad, but, yes, the Mossad works hand in glove with the "rogue" CIA and, so, too, does the Mafia. There are plenty of operatives, Israeli or not, who run prostitution rings and pedophile rings for these nefarious groups.

At this point, I would suspect that most of those who serve them have been blackmailed so they're really not setting them up unless they've stepped out of line, which was probably Clinton's case so they sought to EMBARRASS him publicly. A public whip lashing, if you will.

He pandered to the people way too much just as Kennedy did.

Don't know how this case became public, but if it was because of the Madame and not because THEY wanted to keep the Senator who was named as a customer in line, then certainly they would benefit if she were dead. You see, they don't really want their prostitution rings to get busted because there would be too many "apparent" suicides, deaths, etc, which would be suspicious.

What about Elliot Spitzer's ordeal? Don't think anyone has suicided as of yet.

Having an affair when you're an adult is more easily accepted than having sex with children. So, these servants will do whatever they are told to do, especially if there are pictures, evidence, etc. of them having sex with children who were incarcerated in Project Monarch or otherwise. It's a punishable offense, eh? It's a crime!

So, no, they don't want anyone to know about their pedophilia rings.

These rings, prostitution, pedophilia and otherwise are there to satisfy the sexual deviant needs of the cabal; their overabundance of testosterone; their lust for little children.

This keeps them happy; in line and serving their masters.

Very sick people, indeed!
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