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Default Re: We need to unite

falcon wrote:
I too am Christian and thus anti abortion. However, I am also anti-Darwin/Evolution and a proponent of Creationism. Now without delving into a debate about these two sides I ask if Evolution, like abortion/homosexual/women's rights, is an instrument being used by the elite to keep us down. Think about it, they can easily use evolution to support the idea that humans are merely apes but more intelligent; this degrades the value of humanity and makes it easier for the elite to take away our absolute morals!!!! We need to recognize the beauty of humanity, not degrade it.
You may be interested in what LaRouche has to say. His followers have done a lot of research into the history of Darwin et al and it traces back to the British Royal Society and something called Malthusianism. I therefore thought you may find this collection of links interesting.
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