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Default Re: Satanic ritual in Iraq

landownunder: "Also,I have not denied the ayat of 19."Aleyha Tis'ata Ashar". Among them are 19.
However the topic does not interest me because
,I do not need to indulge my self with mathematical equations to Beleive the Kur'an is the word of God."

When God says "Over it is 19", He means it is His profound sign (signature) on the whole universe including the scriptures. God also says that it is one of the great miracles, a reminder for all humanity. Now by rejecting a sign God is showing you, you are rejecting Him with it. This is the litmus test, why it has been a secret for 1400 years? we cannot question God's wisdom.

landownunder: "Just answer me this.. Rashid Khalifa has anounced the last 2 verses of Surah Tevbe as not being part of the Kur'an because it doesnt fit in with his 19 equations,so for 1400 years people have been reading a Kur'an which has been incorrect?
What kind of a God was it that sent a book and couldnt protect it for 1400 hundred years like he says in another verse of the Kur'an?"

There is a difference between Quran (the scripture) and the "Mushaf" (the printed book). Some mushafs in the world now are circulating with a lot of print errors, missing words..etc, can we ask your question in this case too? why God didn't protect his book from the printing errors!

As far as we are concerened, the scripture always had the 6346 (19x334) proven verses intact, as for the two false verses (which exalt Muhammad) the sincere always had doubts about them, untill God sent us the messenger of the covenant to clear this matter. One of the functions of 19 is ([74:4] Purify your garment.) which means to purify the book from the satanic injections. The miracle is a perfect security system, if one word is changed, the whole mathematical composition falls apart. God indeed did preserve his miracle within the scripture and kept it hidden for 1400 years, in 1974 it was time to purify the religion of Abraham once and forall from the satanic fabrications.

landownunder: "You say people were punished for their submission to hadith, Muslims have been submissive to hadith for centuries and centuries, why were they not punished by natural disasters?"

Isn't the muslim world's condition enough punishment! the most ignoranrt, undeveloped, defeated countries in the world are muslims, haven't you asked yourself why!. However the direct punishments are now starting, as per this verse which says that God doesn't punish except after sending a warning messenger, Rashad Khalifa did warn the muslim world of disregarding Quran in favor of Hadith, and that's why they killed him in 1990.

[17:15] Whoever is guided, is guided for his own good, and whoever goes astray does so to his own detriment. No sinner will bear the sins of anyone else. We never punish without first sending a messenger.


landownunder: "The greatest Islamic states in history who ruled with justice followed hadith, why were some of them able to rule in justice for centuries?"

Which states do you mean exactly? do you mean the sultans who had vast palaces and harem, or the corrupt khalifas?


landownunder: "Your claims take everyone who has followed Islam in these 1400 years to be morons.Because everyone for the past 1400 years followed hadith.And offcourse followed hadith second only to the Kur'an"

There are those who follow the corrupt laws of Hadith unwittingly, i for one used to follow some of the false practices because i didn't know better, and i believe God forgives those who sin out of ignorance. But when God sends you a reminder, your responsbility begins, as for you i hold you responsible to verify the miracle and make a decision regarding it, you either reject a messenger and a message from God and end up in hell or embrace the message and follow the guidance, you are responsible now infront of God, there is no escape from Him, you have recieved the reminder and you have to give God a response.

[2:38] We said, "Go down therefrom, all of you. When guidance comes to you from Me, those who follow My guidance will have no fear, nor will they grieve.

[46:32] Those who fail to respond to GOD's call cannot escape, and will have no Lord other than Him; they have gone far astray.

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