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Default Re: Woman leads men in prayer


The ultimate oppression is to institute laws on the people in the name of God, when they are from Satan. Hijab is indeed a sign of oppression, in Hadith books women are equated with inanimate objects (the house) and animals (dogs and horses)! what more evidence do you need than that to understand the evil of Hadith?

Noweher in Quran does God mention the scarf for women, all what is mentioned is to cover their chests and be modest in dressing lengthening their garments, why then do the muslims follow these man-made laws? i think it's about time for you to start questioning your inherited beliefs as i did before you.

The Hadith books have no proof of authenticity, Quran is the only book in the world now that has a physical proof of devine authorship, verify it for yourself.
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