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Default Re: Why Do people say the jews run the world?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Okay, I didn't log in so I was able to view your post RedRat. When you place a member on your ignore list, if you're not logged in, you can still view their comments.

Yes, I could just ignore your comment of my own free will, but I think maybe you should tell everyone who reads this site, why you seem to be against the NWO, but when it comes to Springsteen and mind control within the Music Industry, you seem to take what I write about my incarceration in MKULTRA/Project Monarch and his role in my childhood personally and start with the name calling.

It's almost as if you have some vested interest in this matter.

It's more transparent than looking through a pane of glass.

The liar and the fraud who is just the same as THEM would be Springsteen, not me, my friend.

I have no reason to LIE about having been a victim of a mind control program or Springsteen and the rest of the perverts.

As far as the bible, I have versed my opinion about it and you seem to think that OPINIONS aren't allowed on this forum.

It's MY opinion about the bible and, you know what, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

You might want to think about that next time you post a comment.

After all, calling me a LIAR and a FRAUD is just your opinion and your opinion, my friend, doesn't matter as far as this issue is concerned.
First of all BA, I'm not your friend, you've alluded to that rather conveniently the last few or more post's of yours. THIS IS"NT A STUPID FRIEND/DIMWIT SITE LIKE THE OTHER FORUMS, NEVER HAS BEEN, My entire time on this forum I've read your Music Mind control thread with one thought, if not more in mind, and that is, WHY IN THE HELL DOES SHE SAY ALL THIS EVIDENCE EXIST, THAT YOU HAVE SECRETLY HIDDDEN IN SAFE HANDS, AND THIS AND THAT, AND YET AFTER SEVERAL YEARS OF YOU SAYING THIS, THAT MORON SPRINGSTEEN IS STILL A "FREE MAN?" But, you know what, I don't give a crap whether your story is true or not??? I will take what you say, AND ONLY BELIEVE IT, WHEN I SEE THE MORON SPRINGSTEEN BEHIND BARS, BUT SOMEHOW, I DOUBT THAT WOULD HAPPEN. Somehow, BA, because you do have a gift for GAB AND WRITING, I SENSE YOU WILL EAT ME UP LITERALLY with your writing skills, and that's fine, more power to you. And for what it's worth, I KNOW THERE IS A HIDDEN CONTROL POWER BEHIND ALOT OF MUSIC, ESPECIALLY ROCK AND POP MUSIC, That's a given, you've made the lyrics of the moron Springsteen very real to the public, as far as you commenting on the BIBLE, of course your entitled to opinion there, it would help though to EXPLAIN WHY YOU BELIEVE JESUS NEVER EXISTED??? OF COURSE I KNOW YOU WON'T, because your "ENTITLED NOT TO" And for my use of LIAR AND FRAUD, this is a use of words that describe my OPINION OF YOUR ACCUSATIONS, against the moron Springsteen,... BA, don't you think that writing endlessly about the CONCERTS of B Springsteen, AND OPINIONS of the posters at BtX , that you seem to think are targeting you personally in some Cryptic way, is somewhat BIZARRE IN THE CONCEPT in that YOU VOLUNTARILY GO THERE DAY AFTER DAY, REPORTING on those people behavior, as if ANYONE WITH WORKING BRAINS could care about??? I know your writing skills are impressive and very polite in nature BA, you know mine, (if I indeed have any, I suspect not) am not polite. Nor, do I have to be polite to anyone here. Even though I try my best. I will summarize everything I'm trying to explain here by these words here...... YOUR ACCUSATIONS AGAINST THAT INDIVIDUAL WON'T HOLD UP IN A REAL COURT OF LAW, WHY SHOULD A ACTUAL THINKING PERSON LIKE MYSELF HOLD YOUR ACCUSATIONS UP AS REAL WITHOUT SUBSTANTIVE PROOF. And now you can POLITELY PUT ME ON YOUR IGNORE LIST, i have no idea what you were reffering to earlier, I NEVER PUT ANYONE ON A IGNORE LIST, I have made my logging in 'invisible' which is a feature of this new forum, anyone can do that if they want.

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