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Default Re: You won't believe this in a million years???

So, what do you think about Makow's latest article, guys?

Is it to enlighten or frighten?

Obviously, his message is more about what will happen if you attempt to expose a pedophile ring rather than exposing anything significant within the context of his article about the rings themselves.

He's dropped so many names, it's a wonder men haven't jumped out the bushes in front of his home; thrown him in the back of a van; drugged and institutionalized him.

Seems he's able to escape any repercussions from this "satanic cult" that he continues to expose in such great detail!!

His article basically says that If SOMEONE, ANYONE for that matter is contemplating a law suit surrounding pedophile rings, they'll be jumped by four policemen hiding in the bushes outside their home; thrown into the back of an unmarked van; drugged and institutionalized.

When you're in court, the Judge will throw all spectators out; send the Plaintiff down the stairs where they'll be whisked away to an institution; drugged; released and required to continue psychiatric treatment for one year and I'm assuming this would require the mandatory intake of whatever "mind altering" drugs they will force you take during this time.

All this, in plain sight of their loving family members, supporters, television cameras and the media.

You'll be bankrupted and one of your associates will sign your life away and have you committed to an institution.

Didn't this man have any relatives?

Makow himself stated that he has access to inside information.

Spoon feeding him?
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