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Hey Darkchilde:

Thanks for your response to the initial post of thread.
I guess, we all have our views depending on how well we know our own wants and our family's wants.
With this case, the mom and dad wanted a little more than for their daughter to be placed in a facility without any therapy/rehab. At least that is what is known about their wants around our county-Pinellas.
But, with her being legally married to her husband, he is then her immediate voice.

I myself will be in touch with an attorney to have all my wishes put in writing. I will not have anyone to take care of me, so I must do the right thing now and make my decisions.

But then again, if it were my relative (sister, brother) I would want to give everything a shot.

This is indeed a difficult matter for people to simply come up with an answer for someone alive and not being able to vocalize.

But from what I read yesterday, the tube might go back in----again, and again.
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