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Default Re: DIGITAL TV

The converter box, should really be called a converter tuner.

It'll sit on top of every device you use to record or watch television.

You can keep your VCR, but it'll only be able to copy 1 channel off the tuner box

until you change that channel.

Let me clarify, your analog tv will be set on an off channel, like 3 and you'll change

channels on the converter box not your tv to get the channel.

Do you see how the VCR will have problems getting more than one channel, because its' tuner will also be on 3 or line in,

in order to record, but now you've lost the option for it to capture different channels at different times while you are away?!

In order for your vcr to copy other channels you'll have to be there to change them, or get a programmable

remote that will work on the new tuner box, otherwise, it'll be just one channel while you're away.
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