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Default Re: The Second Messiah

No, but the book; The Hiram Key by the same authors as The Second Messiah, asks the questions:

Do the Gospels of the New Testament describe Jesus, the last claimant to the kingship of the Jews, practising the king-making rituals of the ancient Egyptians?

Analysing and comparing ancient Egyptian records, the Old and New Testaments, early Christian and Rabbinical texts, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the rituals of Freemasonry, the authors have been able to reconstruct the lost story of Jesus and his brother James and describe their struggle to establish the 'Kingdom of heaven' upon earth using Masonic-style rituals. The establishment of the Christian Church is shown to be a political invention that has little connection with the man we call 'Christ'.

The early Christians buried their most precious scrolls beneath Herod's temple shortly before they and the city was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. Lost to the world for over a millennium they were clandestinely unearthed and interpreted by the infamous Order of the Knights Templar who adopted these ancient teachings and the rituals as their own.

The book describes clues concealed within Masonic ritual unlocks secret of the final resting place of the scrolls of Jesus: A detailed reconstruction of the ruined temple of Herod - built by the descendents of the Templars and the first modern Freemasons over 500 years ago. Rosslyn Chapel..........

Please, before anyone jumps down my throat for blasphemy or heresy, I haven't said that I necessarily believe this. So please, can the more intollerant members of this site refrain from launching into a personal attack on me regarding it?

I've not read the book of Hiram yet though - watch this space!
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