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most people blame the irish, even ireland hates the irish american.
they are behind everything.
st.patty's day? why them, how about others

they decided money should have green in it

luck of the irish, YOU bet

they make everyone else do the work

they take credit for everyone elses ideas

they're a bunch pedolific alcoholics

they rape their own children (to make them stronger)

they only accept you if you have something for them, or money

they lie more than any other group of people

everything and everyone is considered theirs

they are truly filthy people

they are behind the secret societies

they secretly and at times openly side with the Jew, because they are good business people

irish only hire people with anglican last names

irish cops cover for people with anglican names, the others get tickets, police records, etc.

the irish never let you know any secret to getting rich, they are selfish

irish people are bipolar
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