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Default Re: Republicrats/Demicans...

Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
PERMISSION TO SPEAK FREELY! So lets see here, we have a Homosexual Negroid Moron (Obama) for one candidate, A Lesbian Moron (Shillary) for a candidate, And if that's not bad enough, A 72 year old Insane (McCain) War-Monger, and all of the Morons above are Zio-Shills hell bent on WASTING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to defend the Free-Masonic- Satanic- State of Israel. Huuuuumm, what else is new??? But, if you think that is bad, Imagine all the ROTTEN CRAP POLITICOS in all the other nations of the world, what a insane world!
They are all SHILLS!

My goodness, RedRat, oh, thee enlightened one, use your GOD GIVEN insights.

How long will it take before you understand how the "powers that be" operate?

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