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Default Re: Russia/China Practicing Weather Warfare on the U.S.A.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Ah, what does that mean?

"Be Careful what you wish for"...?

Don't worry, WE won't hold our breathe waiting for an answer from you.

So, your assumption implies that WE are capable of producing a 7.2 earthquake, but apparently Russia and China do not have the same capability.

And, you know that THEY were targeting China's Nuclear Weapon's Underground Infrastructure because it came to you in a dream????
I never said it came in a dream BA, harness and use your GOD GIVEN INSIGHTS BA! As far as the "be careful what you wish for" phrase BA, it can mean whatever you 'perceive' it to be, however, it applies to everyone reading this! Are you angry at me? Now, that's a silly question.
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