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Default Re: Manmade global warming is a fairy tale

Yes, this is a really big issue, certainly here in Canada. It's mentioned one way or another every day on the radio or TV, and always mentioned as unquestioned fact (Human emissions causing climate change).

World climate is not a simple topic to analyze but that hasn't stopped legions of scientists jumping in feet first trying to correlate one variable or another with 'AGW'. There's on the order of 5,000 variables controlling world climate so you have to take a big picture to get an idea of what's really going on. But science today is rarely about that, they look at one specific thing and that's what the funding is based on.

Having studied what the scientists have come up with I can give my interpretation of what's going on, as a broad overview (in case anyone cares or is listening??)

The biggest greenhouse gas is water vapour, CO2 has an effect, but increasing concentrations of CO2 make almost difference to the effect. As silly as it may sound with all the brainwashing we've heard, you can pretty much ignore the role of CO2 as a greenhouse gas when trying to figure out climate. It's a static constant in it's effect, even though it has been steadily rising this century.

And the oceans suck up or give off CO2 at will depending on their temperature, dwarfing our effect on CO2 levels. Actually everything on Earth dwarfs our effect on CO2 levels, including bacteria, animals, plants, even the odd volcano. We contribute 3% of the stuff to the environment, which trees and vegetation suck up to grow bigger and faster than at lower CO2 levels earlier this century.

But there's a whole, literally billions of dollars global warming science industry coming up with reasons and half truths going against every sensical observation that can be made saying otherwise (that we humans are just along for the ride, planet Earth has it's own idea of what the climate will be next.) And eventually it will return us to an Ice Age. The long term geological studies of temperature show that we are in periodic and normal warm period, and if anything our CO2 levels are quite low at 385 ppm. Plants won't grow below 200 ppm, and in greenhouses CO2 concentrations are set to 1000 or 1500 ppm for optimal growth.

Furthermore, the Global Warmers are currently quite testy because CO2 levels have been gradually rising, but there has been no observed warming since 1998. Their models and 'warm - mongering' are falling flat.

If anyone is out there, try taking this test, it's quite informative:

The Global Warming Test
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