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Default Re: Russia/China Practicing Weather Warfare on the U.S.A.


back in the 80's I got a packet of info from an obscure group,

and in that packet was info on the U.S. soviet weather wars.

it seemed possible, but I really didn't know what to think about it until recently.

apparently there is a U.N. resolution [ circa 1979 ] banning countries from doing this [ lmao ]

[ talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing ]...DUH...but of course

how else would this [ worldwide ] insanity go down, but by the left hand never knowing what the right one was doing!!!!! it all makes sense, eh?!?!?!

I also heard that in the 90's, that malaysia was having smoke problems in the city [ kuala lumpur ] due to forest fires and were going to contract russia to make it rain...I never saw a hard copy nor could I find it in the wall street journal archives online , supposedly where the story broke.

but I don't doubt it. the technology is off the charts.

I remember the tv show, mission impossible having a little round disc [ like a mini-disc disc/ also marketed as mini-cd ] that would self destruct after the message, that disc replaced the tape that self destructed.

so the info was valid at the time of M.I. production, late 60's-to early 70's, but they didn't pass it on to the public, til they milked us for all they could get on audio cassettes....lmao, what a bunch of

and the public is damn near clueless...
Things are rarely as they seem on the surface
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