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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

Originally Posted by rainfall View Post
Its has crossed my mind once or twice the idea that some of those opposed to the gov.' etc. the likes of Alex Jones/Rense and Icke are perhaps affiliated with the higher elite or behind the gov. in one way or another. That maybe there job is to spread fear and to see who falls for the whole conspiracy thing but I do believe what they have to say for the most part. Always proceed with caution.
I couldn't agree more.

One must always proceed with caution.

The MO of a disinformation agent is to mix a little bit of truth with a whole lot of fiction. Those who fall for it become devoted followers of anything these DA's speak. Like Icke's shape-shifting lizard theory.

These DA's spread fear and fear creates anxiety and anger.

It's called "psychological operations."

I've always wondered how Jones was able to penetrate Bohemia Grove. The place is impenetrable.

Did they give him the keys?

He certainly didn't show us what really occurs there. An OWL is certainly not very frightening.

There is a conspiracy, so falling for it would be inaccurate. Falling for everything the DA's claim to be a conspracy would be more to the point.

The conspiracy is to turn America into a third world country and strip us of our freedoms. Cause famine, poverty and disease as they have throughout the world and rule with an iron fist from behind the curtain (secret government).
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