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Default Re: The Second Messiah

I read that book and his earlier one on the Hiram Key. At the time I was kind of partial to the whole Gnostic stream and the mysteries in general. A few years after, I re-read them along with Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh's books and found the evidence presented pretty shoddy. For instance: The Holy Blood, Holy Grail is totally depended upon the secret documents of the Priory of Sion that was supposedly discovered and which Pierre Plantard had shown to the authors. The whole thesis of the book is based on that one "fact" and the authors weave a lot of mythology and appear to uncover some real startling facts. If the documents proved to be fake, however, and Plantard is really a fraud then the book as a whole is nearly pointless:

The Second Messiah, is even more speculative than Baigent and Leigh's books. Because I read Christopher Knight's books after Baigent's, it was immediately apparent. But I put aside all the doubts, because basically I "wanted to believe" the whole notion of the Grail, the Bloodline, the Templars as the protectors of such, etc.

Similar to the Baigent books, The Second Messiah rests on one fact: that the Shroud of Turin is scientifically dated to the 14th century. Based on that one assumption, the author goes on a wild ride of detective work using all sorts of "far out" researchers and using ancient texts in which he doesn't have the credentials to interpret correctly, in the attempt to prove that it is in reality the Shroud of the "martyred" Grand Master of the Templars, Jacques de Molay. If the Shroud is indeed proved to be from the first century, instead of the 14th, then the whole book is in vain and useless even as an exercise. Last I checked, it is almost 100% proven that the Shroud is indeed ancient.

Also, I'm very suspect of a Freemason (Chris Knight) attempting to "prove" heretical arguments; as I'm sure Masons feel the same toward a Christian trying to prove this or that about the Brotherhood. I'm willing to entertain both arguments, however, if the facts bear them out. The Vatican is holding some of the greatest secrets of mankind and we will never know the truth of the early christians or the real facts of the middle ages as long as they continue to conceal valuable evidence.

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