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Default Re: The economic hijacking of America


you are not going to get good clues from a controlled media.....unless you know what to look for.

it just ain't gonna happen.

the mark of the beast is not a thing, it is more about what you think and how you act.

the beast will control us with money and laws, but the woman who rides the beast is not the queen.

the " woman", is the church, usually referred to as the mother church.

the beast is the political system that is being used to change laws and control people.

the "mark" of the beast will be the sunday laws enacted to "save" us, a kind of "act of repentance" to God, but sunday is not the sabbath, so the "act" is just that, an "act" to fool people into following mans law.

this law will be enacted after a terrible disaster that will affect most of the planet.
Things are rarely as they seem on the surface
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