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Default Re: Be not afraid, you people, for she has arisen!

I SWEAR TO GOD!!! they say timing is everything, I've been drinking beer heavily the past couple of days, today Im sober, my girlfriend told me that i've been abusing her mentally, I had no idea what I had told her, she says alot of stuff, and she is worried about me, so anyway, I go to a Store here in Phoenix, this lady cashier (I've never met) tells me she wants to marry me, Im like Ooooook, she grabs my forearm as she hands me my change, she then talks, and talks like im her husband, luckily no one else was in line behind me. Although she was abbout 45 or 50 years old, I must admit I found her sexually appealing, but, I am a TAKEN MAN! My girlfriend is 8 years older than me, I find older women much more sexually appealing, don't get me wrong, young women are also sexually nice, just a preference for me, any way my HANGOVER IS ALMOST GONE NOW, THANK GOD! I really need to get to the ROOT OF MY DRINKING PROBLEM, it is somewhat troubling to me, and those who LOVE ME, GOD HELP ME. Im the MAN! dammit! Ill sober up for a few months, for her sake, cause I love her dearly.
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