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Default Re: HiI I'm a writer about the occult and conspiracies!

Originally Posted by tracyrtwyman View Post
Hi folks! I am new to the forum. I have been a writer on the occult and conspiracy theories for over 10 years now. I have several books and lots of articles. Here's my website: TRACYRTWYMAN.COM

I would not call myself a conspiracy theorist in the "anti-NWO" vein, although in junior college I did write for the campus paper from that perspective. My views have evolved since then. Now I am more of an occult expert. I write mainly about secret societies and the mysteries of the Holy Grail. I am not "against" secret societies and have even belonged to a couple of them. But I do acknowledge the significant role that such groups have played in global history, including the development of the United States. These things have caused some people in both the conspiracy theory community and the occult underground to mistrust me. That's the price you pay for intellectual honesty, I guess! I try not to make value judgments on the subjects I write about but that doesn't stop others from making value judgments about me.

I did recently publish an ebook that caters to the conspiracy crowd. It's called Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA, and it contains interviews with Cathy O'Brien, Mark Phillips, Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp and Noreen Gosch, as well as my own analysis on the subject of Project Monarch. These were all interviews I did as research for an article I wrote for Hustler. It was rather ironic because Cathy O'Brien claims that Larry Flynt was one of her abusers and that he is part of the whole conspiracy! I was really surprised that they published it.

Anyway, I hope to make some new friends here. Hit me up with your questions and comments.
Hi Tracy, I hope you stick around here, I would be very interested in your Occult Studies, like can you tell me what area of the occult have you studied? And you mentioned that you once belonged to a few secret societies, may I ask which one? Im getting strange 'vibrations' from your "work" You also state that your not "anti NWO" What do you mean by that? Are you a Witch or something? you don't need to answer that??? Also your book, you use a plastic "Barbie Doll" on the cover, why did you choose that book cover? There is a 'sweet innocent lady' on this forum who CLAIMS she was part of some Monarch thing, what exactly do you know about that stuff? I realize this is alot of questions, I'll look forward to any answers you provide.
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