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Default Re: Hi I'm a writer about the occult and conspiracies!

Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
Hi Tracy, I hope you stick around here, I would be very interested in your Occult Studies, like can you tell me what area of the occult have you studied? And you mentioned that you once belonged to a few secret societies, may I ask which one? Im getting strange 'vibrations' from your "work" You also state that your not "anti NWO" What do you mean by that? Are you a Witch or something? you don't need to answer that??? Also your book, you use a plastic "Barbie Doll" on the cover, why did you choose that book cover? There is a 'sweet innocent lady' on this forum who CLAIMS she was part of some Monarch thing, what exactly do you know about that stuff? I realize this is alot of questions, I'll look forward to any answers you provide.
What I know about the Monarch Project is all in the book. It is only 4.95. You can buy it here: [LINK]

I have studied many areas of the occult but especially Freemasonry, Golden Dawn, OTO, Priory of Sion, Martinism, Gnosticism, Satanism, the Grail and Grail bloodline, tarot, ouija, numerology, qaballah, NLP .. I could go on and on.

I can't really talk about secret societies I've belonged to, for obvious reasons.

By "not anti-NWO" I mean that I don't automatically hate everyone in power or everyone who has money, don't necessarily treat everything that government does with suspicion (although I am suspicious of a lot of it), and don't interpret every event in the world as a conspiracy by George Bush and other evil overlords. For instance, I remember when Hurricane Katrina hit conspiracy theorists said it was weather control and that the government purposely bungled the aid efforts to kill lots of people. And people think the same thing about 9/11. I think that is totally nuts. You have to remember that people in power are humans and have human emotions. Do you know anyone who would willingly cause that kind of harm to their fellow Americans? Because I don't. That's what I mean.

But I m not an apologist for secret societies and will admit that they have had a tremendous influence on the history of the world. A lot of this influence has been good, especially the Masonic influence on the development of the United States. Some of it is bad. Sometimes it just depends on your perspective and your values.

The Barbie Doll image, with the spiral eyes, represents the robotized state in which the mind-control victims allegedly lived. Also represents the sexual exploitation of the alleged victims. Doll imagery has been used with Project Monarch books before. A while ago there was a book called Paperclip Dolls by Anna McKenna which is now out of print.

Thank you for your interest! Is that a portrait of Angelina Jolie that you attached to your message?
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