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Default Re: Hi I'm a writer about the occult and conspiracies!

Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
The U.S. Mlitary Industrial Complex, along with the Intelligence Agencies of Isreal and America perpetrated the 911 event, The America we all love and enjoy has been HIJACKED BY ZIONIST JEWS/MASONS/SATANIST in every facet of government, YES INDEED various elements within the Government Complex are destroying this country. This OCCULT THING you have studied, should have led you to understand that America, in some ways is a OCCULTIC EMPIRE, and being a CHRISTIAN NATION has nothing to do with that, it's the occultic darkness within this nation that is destroying its CHRISTIAN HERITAGE. That signature pic is of a random women I found on the net. Not Angelina Jolie I think.
If America was created by Freemasons, whom you consider to be anti-Christian, than how is America Christian?
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