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Hey madkhao
The UFO or IFO's that I witnessed have varied over the years.
1st time I saw one was when I was 10. My friend and I were outside, we ran around the side of his house and stopped, looking in awe at this "other world". It was where the power lines and trees should have been but instead we were looking at this spherical bundle of energy. It stayed in one place and was about the size of a meter stick in diameter. That was the 1st and last time I've seen anything like that!
2nd and 3rd sighting of suspicious air vehicles happened in the same general area.
2nd one would have been when I was a few years older - riding bikes with my friend we had a race down the new street where a subdivision was underconstruction. At the end of the street we both saw a black tri angle hovering at tree level. ( side note could be military - check the Eye witness accounts on that site seem a lot like mine and my friends )
Needless to say we rode our bikes faster away from the thing than our race that got us there.
3rd Would be my friend ( the same that saw the tri angle ) and I on our bikes again , this time on a hill in the same subdivision proabably a few weeks later. While on the hill we heard a slight almost airplane like whine , we looked up to see this ball of light traveling a low altitude. It seemed alive and had a tapered tail on it. It didn't "light up the sky" but it seemed to have fallen to earth 10km's away. Being around 13 at the time I thought i'd see/hear about that event the next day but nothing came about. So that was the end of that.

Now there are a few others that are strange. The one that freaked my Ex-girlfriend out one night was the ultimate for a non believer like her self .. haha ( we are no longer together , but I know she remembers this event like it was yesterday. ) I was the D.D. at a party , we were on the way home from sherkston shore's ( near fort Erie ) I was driving West on high way 3 and I noticed this hovering light with an orangish glow in and around the area of Nickle beach. I mentioned to her that one of my friends is out over the water , and that I was going to call it over to me. She freaked out and I ended up pulling off onto snyder rd. ( a dead end road ) I went roughly 100 meters up the road and did the universal 3 blinks with the high beams( try it for your self its like a light code ...
1 blink 2 blink pause and for as long as your pause hold your high beams on and re-do the process over again ) After the light show was over, maybe 3 times into it , this "ufo" with great speed was right in front of us. My ex-girlfriend lost it screaming like a banshee. I consider my self an excellent driver in the art of rally racing SO I did a reverse 180 and drove as fast as a Ford Escort would let me. It shadowed my car right into "lidsville" on the eastside of Port colborne. Once inside the mini city it broke off its pursuit. The aftermath of this experience was an ear-full from my exgirl-friend , who probably looks at life in the same light as I do.
I guess it comes down to your beliefs. I believe there are UFO's and IFO's , obviously .. I have seen them flying, been chased by them and have changed a person through experiencing them.
What I do question are the people-beings who a driving these advanced air vehicles???
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