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Default Re: Masonic Shriners Pedophile Pigs

Originally Posted by KennyWally View Post
well......maybe after the antichrist makes a move...

perhaps technically it is going on symbolically

we got wrestling, and abortion, and the kidnappings

i.e., sanctioned violence, sanctioned murder, and known kidnappings [ most likely for sacrifices and ritual abuse ]

so B.A., part of it is already out there, it's just that most folks have not made the paradigm shift in their perception to see the truth of the matter. [ for this AND other things ]
Well, Mr. Wally, most people don't accept it as a truth because it has not made mainstream media other than in trickles.

There has never been a FEDERAL CASE against very famous people involved in this "cult" and their atrocities upon children in mind control programs and used in pedophile rings, mafia/cia pornography and the music industry as sex slaves, due to the lack of witnesses and EVIDENCE, but that is about to change.

Most people are uninformed as to this subject matter because it has been kept very secret so it certainly isn't because they have no interest in it and, as you well know, if they do have an interest, read books, search the web, there are many DA's out there such as the likes of David Icke who muddy the waters so those who become interested most probably find too much conflicting and unbelievable information about it, such as THE shape shifting lizard THEORY and, therefore, deem most of it to be rubbish.


You see, EVIDENCE is key.

That's what my COMRADES needed. That's what I gave them and it will soon be presented.

There is no anti-christ.

There is CHRIST!

Seems you're more willing to accept the DEVIL than you are to acknowledge GOD.

If this is the case then you have fallen into their trap.

I would suggest that you do as I did.

Deny his existence for he is not real.
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