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Default Re: Satanic ritual in Iraq


When God says "Over it is 19", He means it is His profound sign (signature) on the whole universe including the scriptures. God also says that it is one of the great miracles, a reminder for all humanity. Now by rejecting a sign God is showing you, you are rejecting Him with it. This is the litmus test, why it has been a secret for 1400 years? we cannot question God's wisdom.

Your answers are to vivid and need more and proper clarification.

As i said i am not rejecting a sign from GOD.the 19 miracle is indeed a great miracle.
What i am rejecting is the intolerence you adhere to the 1400 years of Islam.
You are taking things to far and rejecting everything before Rashad Khalifa.
How many Muslim Scholars that you people would respect have come before Rashad Khalifa?
Do you think Abu Hanifa, Imam Shaafi, Imam Ghazali, Imam Rabbani, Muhyiddin Al Arabi,Imam Yusuf, Imam Buhari, Imam Ahmed Hanbel, Rumi, and many many others i can name were all crooked?
What kind of ignorance and vanity is this that you reject everything that was islam for 1400 years.Did the muslims of the past 1400 years die on rejection? I want a proper answer.

You Say:
There is a difference between Quran (the scripture) and the "Mushaf" (the printed book). Some mushafs in the world now are circulating with a lot of print errors, missing words..etc, can we ask your question in this case too? why God didn't protect his book from the printing errors!

There is a difference between printing errors and and the removal of two full verses.As you know we have in Islam what we call "Hafeez". people who memorise the Kur'an, and you will find that they will all recite the very same recitations no matter what nationality they are.Which is also another miracle of the Kur'an.People memorising the Kur'an for centuries. No book that large can ever be memorized.has anyone memorized the Bible or the Torah?As for printing mistakes any one who reads the Kur'an can pick up these mistakes.An example is a Kur'an that was printed in Saudi Arabia had the printing mistakes and was picked up,not the people teaching the Kur'an by by the little children who were reciting it.
Therefore Allah Allmighty is continuing to protect his Book.
Also The Kur'an which was recited by Hz Osman May Allah be pleased with him still stands in it's original form in the Topkapi Museum Istanbul.If you have doubt , go check for yourself.

You Say:
As far as we are concerened, the scripture always had the 6346 (19x334) proven verses intact, as for the two false verses (which exalt Muhammad) the sincere always had doubts about them, untill God sent us the messenger of the covenant to clear this matter. One of the functions of 19 is ([74:4] Purify your garment.) which means to purify the book from the satanic injections. The miracle is a perfect security system, if one word is changed, the whole mathematical composition falls apart. God indeed did preserve his miracle within the scripture and kept it hidden for 1400 years, in 1974 it was time to purify the religion of Abraham once and forall from the satanic fabrications.

Muhammad Peace be upon him was the last messenger.Rashad Khalifa is not a messenger.Messengers have miracles, what miracle has Rashad Khalifa Shown? Oh and dont say he found the 19 equation because the 19 equation was something first stumbled upon by a Bahaain Monk, who also claimed to be a messenger.The 19 equation is the Miracle of Kur'an, and by stumbling up on it, or finding it does not make you a prophet.
The whole point is you people have taken this 19 matter so seriously you have gone as far as trying to remove verses from the Kur'an. Thankfully not many have followed your lead.
Allah has verily kept his promise and protected his Book.
How can you take "Purify your garment" as proof that you should remove ayats from the Kur'an.please Explain.Could it not mean, Purify your faith, purify your soul. We need this all the time.But offcourse this is to simple isnt it? After all the Kur'an is a book that shouldnt be simple as it was sent to mathematicians, and geniuses???

Isn't the muslim world's condition enough punishment! the most ignoranrt, undeveloped, defeated countries in the world are muslims, haven't you asked yourself why!. However the direct punishments are now starting, as per this verse which says that God doesn't punish except after sending a warning messenger, Rashad Khalifa did warn the muslim world of disregarding Quran in favor of Hadith, and that's why they killed him in 1990.

Te Muslim world has been suffering the past 100 years.Not because of its ignorance but because of the Games played upon it by the dark satanic forces.Muslims due to their kind nature and gullibility could never have imagined such a great game being played on them.Muslims kept balance in the world for many centuries. It was because of the great Islamic empire the ottomans (who had its mistakes, especially towards the end)that Europe could not savagely attack each other.Serbians Couldnt attack Croations and Bosnians and vice versa, Germans could not attack the French and vice versa as th balance of power in Europe was the Muslims.As soon as the Muslim empire fell, Europeans savagely attacked each other and took out the 100's of years of ethnic hatred that built up inside.Not once but twice...History speaks for itself.What about the first muslims (the Sahaba)? why did they suffer? were they also crooked muslims? who misunderstood the Kur'an and followed a man called Muhammed? I also want a proper answer to that.

"There are those who follow the corrupt laws of Hadith unwittingly, i for one used to follow some of the false practices because i didn't know better, and i believe God forgives those who sin out of ignorance. But when God sends you a reminder, your responsbility begins, as for you i hold you responsible to verify the miracle and make a decision regarding it, you either reject a messenger and a message from God and end up in hell or embrace the message and follow the guidance, you are responsible now infront of God, there is no escape from Him, you have recieved the reminder and you have to give God a response"

All i can say is it can only be a person who is totally confused who would call a muslim to denounce verses from the Kur'an in the name of inviting him to islam...

And i invite you in fromt of Allah Most gracious most merciful to accpet the 2 verses from the Kur'an which ye denounce, therefore denouncing what is from Allah.

The 19 miracle is indeed a miracle...
A miracle which you people got to carried away with as far as making changes to the Scripture.

Who do you think you are??

I will not be replying to this topic any longer as ive had enough of it through other forums...
Le Kum dinukum waliyediiyn
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