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Default Re: Truly terrifying movie!

is there a reason for the black on black type?

I could only read it by hi-lighting the text...

as far as the movie goes, hollywood puts out 90% shit. I've never been a hardcore fan of horror films.

did you know, that the "holly" part of hollywood, is the type of wood necessary to make a witches wand!?

so they are TELLING everyone, what they are about, but like many other truths, it is never talked about on the teevee except is rare veiled references that people don't get anyways.

here, is the real hollywood;

YouTube - Hollywood Unmasked - Intro

hollywood is truly brainwashing the masses who feed on this crap as if it were good for them.

YouTube - Pt 1/9 Hollywood Unmasked2
Things are rarely as they seem on the surface

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