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Default Re: Be not afraid, you people, for she has arisen!

Shadow,, evil things come in disguised as being 'good, and well intentioned' an example of that would be the obscure ' vaccination programs' of the U. Nations, impoverished children around the third world are given god knows what into there systems, another example would be from Super Rich billionaires donating laptops to millions of kids around the third world, its sounds good, but there is evil behind that, they want evrybody to be INTERNETIZED for control. Now, as far as your assertion about private corporations mining data for consumerism, you have to follow the money trail, and you will see that there is more to it than that, (hint: follow the links from "crowd gather" below this website) on the reading material it says they are a "new company" that wants independent forum owners to unite with them, it also says that alot of data and mining are being extracted for "commercial purposes," as well as other weird things, Im not saying this site is suspect, I'm just saying do the research yourself, and just in case you forgot I did create a thread about this subject on the GENERAL CONSPIRACY FORUM here, it is entitled "Are they Tracking and Profiling You???" follow the web links I provided on that thread, you will see one particular one called DARK WEB, type that in google and see for yourself, but, if your still not convinced yet they are profiling you for nefarious reasons other than commercial purposes, then go on over to Unexplained Mysteries Forum under there conspiracies forum, there is a thread there ~ created by.........(me, under the name ninety9) entitled "Is Dark Web Following You???" there is even more proof there about the sinister stuff, basically under the guise of "National Security" the EXECUTIVE BRANCH, AS WELL AS CONGRESS, can deside wether your a 'domestic threat' to this country and LOCK YOU UP INDEFINATELY WITHOUT JUDICIAL OVERVIEW, IF THIS IS'NT TYRANNY I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS, DO YOU? Note: the executive branch of governement was recently given complete DICTATORIAL RULE BY A SUPREME COURT DECISION!

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