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Default Re: Truly terrifying movie!

Originally Posted by Emma Smith View Post
Anyone heard much on the new horror flick 'The Strangers'? I saw an advanced screening of it and almost had to leave. It was bloody frightening, not to mention based on true events--which gave it another level of creepiness.
I highly recommend it if you're a fan of horror or just want to see a movie that doesn't suck! I've heard conspiracy theories that it's based on true events. I've heard Manson murders and also the Keddie murders. I am trying to confirm this, but so far, only theories. Anyway, here is the trailer:
Here's the trailer: Alliance Films: Film Details
Sorry, but I don't get how hearing that this movie is based on true events such as the Manson and Keddie murders would make it a conspiracy.

To what end are the producers conspiring?
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