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Angry Could I file a law suit?...

ok well ifyou dont know im new to this fourm as far as posting i need help ok i live in philadelphia,PA and i am muslium and go to a high school called south Philadelphia high and i think i am being discriminated against If you dont know as a muslium i go to this service on fridays at 1m and as part of my first amendment right i can attend My service it's like a Christian going to mass or church on Sundays we just go on fridays but anyway they tell me that i can not go unless someone comes and picks me up or i get a note from the head of my service which i did but they still will not let me leave so i just decide to leave and then i get suspended for leaving! This is a country A Nation -UNDER GOD- so i would think religion over rules all to add to that i have a right this is what i believe in many other students leave the school early and nothing happens to them there is one young lady in my last period class that the school allows to leave early to pick up her baby but i cant leave to worship my God? then when i go i get suspended i brought this up and all they could say is "Were working on it" as in they are trying to stop the other students but i know they are really not so here is what i will do i will leave early this friday and if i get suspended when i come back i will be coming back with my attorney and i dont think they want a huge law suit against my first amendment right do you all think this is what i should do any suggestions anything positive i will take in thanks to all....

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