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Default Re: Enemies of Humanity: Top 100 Globalists

freeman wrote:
Intriguing. Perhaps the Illuminati are really more fearful and insecure than we realize. Seemed that even an evil genius like Kissinger totally froze up when the situation deviated from its ususal scripted scenario.
The Illuminati (and all NWOers) are driven 1000% by fear. It's all they have left to keep them alive and to give them a reason to live. This is their great weak point, a weak point that may be exploited by those who are strong (and who have no fear)..

They live in fear, b/c they know that one day (sooner or later) they must die, and that nothing awaits them beyond the grave. They have sold their Souls to get to where they are... This "bargain" is enough to strike fear into the heart of any man..
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