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Default Re: Could I file a law suit?...

If you want to do something positive and not selfish...pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray for a miracle, we're gonna need it.

allow me to explain...

Everything you think you know about this country, IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That goes double for many of my countrymen, who are just grazing, like sheep, in the fields, oblivious to the fox right next to them planning their demise.

Sorry to tell you....There are no Real Christians in our Government that have any real say in policy making.

Only the one world religion types have any say so at all, but they have their own little clubs they belong to, and the sheep [ clueless citizens ] think everything is just fine...because this is not clearly talked about on teevee. the things that are talked about constantly are real seriuous issues like, paris hilton, or michael jackson, or american idol, if you get my drift.
one can only understand it [ the hidden religious agenda ] , if one knows the codewords...if and when the subject comes up...

When "they" [ the enemy of this once free nation ] put a pyramid on our dollar, back in 1935, that was the end for the original intent of the constitution, and it has been in decline ever since, but shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone....they won't believe you.

our constitution was for a DECENTRALIZED government with LITTLE interference from the whores [ FEDS ] in their pinstriped suits. but the real whores had other plans, but the people, just believe the popular lies and move on....clueless [ as a whole ] even tho the feds are crapping all over everyone, whenever they see the opportunity to do so.

The D.C. whores use it [ religion ] as fodder for political gain, but they don't care about you, or me or anyone else but themselves, because they have sold their souls to the devil already [ knowingly or unknowingly ] and it seems to me, that you have come to the US, just in time to see it collapse, right before your very eyes. I'll give it 20 years tops...

maybe you should be asking yourself, if you're gonna be willing to worship mother earth...cuz at the rate we're going, THAT is where this country AND the whole planet is heading....sorry if you haven't noticed.

and you want to suit? un-freaking believable...[ so, you like to kick a man when he is down, eh ? ]


what a country...
Things are rarely as they seem on the surface
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