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Default Re: Could I file a law suit?...

i feel bad for you my friend. you could definatly sue and win in canada,im currently disputing a parking ticket that was issued with incorrect time and for a charge i was not guilty of due to signage not being placed correctly.

but on another note when the dollar collapses the amero will be ushered in with speed before anybody knew what happened. so were all in the same boat.
when the dollar collapses the U.S. will completely withdraw from iraq and send those soldiers up here to Alberta Canada to guard our oil sands and our oil wells, all made possible by the spp. i really wounder how the gun totin red necks are goin to react when they see an american convoy drive past their home, and try to confiscate guns. i think the situation will deteriorate quickly and could possibly even end up like iraq.... ONLY ON NORTH AMERICAN SOIL!
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