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Default Re: Really important question about....

ive been debating that myself. i too am in highschool and will be graduateing in 09. i want to get a degree in political science, but whats the use anyways. all the NWO stuff is as real as it getts, more real than the shit the media feeds us through t.v. The thing is why would i go to post secondary spend thousands of dollars on a political sciences degree and be able to do nothing with it because the illuminati control who becomes a politician, or anything to do with political power. and i know if i tried to expose the corruption id get picked off like kennedy.

my words to you my friend are. go to college and get a technical degree in horticulture so you can grow your own food and supply your basic needs. and if shit doesent hit the fan you still have a professional career you can make good money with and it wont have costed you 4-6 years and thousands and thousands of dollars on tuition and books.
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