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Default Re: FEMA - Concentration Camps for US Citizens !

Let's think about it this way.

At present and for decades, the CIA has used "secret" prisons around the world for purposes of torture and extraction.

GITMO is no exception.

They certainly do it on our soil because I was TORTURED HERE.

If and when the United State's of America becomes a country under Military Rule, which is the plan; a dictatorship; a regime not unlike the Nazi regime; CONCENTRATION CAMPS will be used to house those people who they deem a threat to their power; who dissent; the less desirables, as well.

We will have no power so they will throw whomever they choose into these camps.

Our property will be seized just as during World War II.

The reason for the Patriot Act.

Our government is controlled by a bunch of Nazi's. They helped to fund Hitler's war. The Zionist's sacrificed their OWN KIND; exterminating them in order to settle the remaining sacrificial lambs in Israel from where they would operate and continue to use the less desirable JEWS as pawns; create havoc in the region and control the world.

Hitler was "one of them." A Jew and a pawn, as well. When our government needed a reason to intervene in order to "oust" Hitler; remember, it was a suicide, and move the Jews to Israel, Japan attacked.

In this way, it is anti-semitic to criticize a Jew and, in this way, the Jews remain in some of the most prominent positions within the "secret government."

Behind the scenes on the Council for Foreign Relations; Project for the New American Century.

They remain in control of our media.

They remain in control of our private Federal Reserve.

They remain in control of the Stock Market and investment companies.

They will one day rule the world.

Their words, not mine!
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