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Default Re: Is VISA the 666 Mark?

They like to create mysteries for people to solve so WE will spend OUR time trying to figure it all out while the "corrupters" go about their business and agenda of stripping us of every last freedom we know.

You know, keeping us out of their hair and occupied.

Everyone loves a good mystery.

Keeps you guessing.

Just what they want.

This is not unlike the DISINFORMATION TACTICS they use on mind control victims.

Keeps your head spinning trying to solve the mystery and ascertain the truth while picking through all the garbage they dump out there for you to feed on.

They desire to create poverty, disease and famine until we are all living in squalor and are a third world country.

They will use us up and will spit us out.

This is their MO.

Strip every country of ever resource she has.

You know, keeping us occupied and out of their hair.

In this way, I say it is not to the betterment of the "conspiracy theorists" to spend much time trying to fit all of the signs, symbols, etc. together as if you are working on a jigsaw puzzle attempting to see the perfect picture.

That will never happen.

To keep yourself involved in what truly is happening around you; being robbed at the gas pumps; people dying in Iraq for no reason; our children being subjected to "sexual" programming; autism on the rise, etc. are the very real issues that our country faces.

To speak about these atrocities. To write letters. To teach your children to speak out.

I really wouldn't care if they issued a six hundred and sixty six dollar bill.

Remember, they are masters at MYSTERY from Babylon times.

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