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Default Re: Satanic ritual in Iraq

landownunder: "Your answers are to vivid and need more and proper clarification."

Check my introduction to the miracle,

landownunder: "Do you think Abu Hanifa, Imam Shaafi, Imam Ghazali, Imam Rabbani, Muhyiddin Al Arabi,Imam Yusuf, Imam Buhari, Imam Ahmed Hanbel, Rumi, and many many others i can name were all crooked?"

Most of these people have instituted laws besides God's under the guise of explaining Quran, as if God forgot to tell us something in the book!. Now the disaster prevailing in the muslim world is that instead of following Quran alone, they have divided themselves to sects, some sects follow the Sunni collection of "man-made" Hadith, some others follow the Shiite collection of the "man-made" Hadith books. Others have further divided the "one religion" into 4 "Mazhabs, schools of jurisdiction", each school is following one of these prominent scholars you mentioned!

Are these respected scholars infallible, to be followed for centuries after their death? are the muslims not satisfied with God's words alone? why have they abandoned Quran en masse, and instead of trying to understand and use it, they just memorize it!

[6:114] Shall I seek other than GOD as a source of law, when He has revealed to you this book fully detailed? Those who received the scripture recognize that it has been revealed from your Lord, truthfully. You shall not harbor any doubt.

[45:6] These are GOD's revelations that we recite to you truthfully. In which Hadith other than GOD and His revelations do they believe?

[9:31] They have set up their religious leaders and scholars as lords, instead of GOD. Others deified the Messiah, son of Mary. They were all commanded to worship only one god. There is no god except He. Be He glorified, high above having any partners.

A few of those people you mentioned might have been righteous though, only God knows their destiny. However there is no excuse for following other detailed laws than what we is found in Quran, for it means following another god besides God.

landownunder: "What kind of ignorance and vanity is this that you reject everything that was islam for 1400 years.Did the muslims of the past 1400 years die on rejection? I want a proper answer."

The knowledge of their destiny is with God. The righteous among them who believed in God alone, didn't exalt Muhammad, didn't follow except Quran, those who believed in their responsbility and accountability infront of God (belief in the hereafter) are definetly in Heaven. But they are not the majority, since the majority to this day follow a man-made religion instead of "Submission, the creed of Abraham.

landownunder: "There is a difference between printing errors and and the removal of two full verses."

The mathematical composition proves without doubt that the two verses doesn't belong to the book, i refer you to this article written by Rashad Khalifa (N.B: I am not affiliated with the website though),Tampering with the word of God.

landownunder: "people who memorise the Kur'an, and you will find that they will all recite the very same recitations no matter what nationality they are."

It doesn't matter if a million people memorized a book by heart, since 19 years after Muhammad's death the book was injected with the two false verses, thus it is from the very beginning contaminated with these two false verses intended to exalt Muhammad and make him an idol besides God.

landownunder: "Also The Kur'an which was recited by Hz Osman May Allah be pleased with him still stands in it's original form in the Topkapi Museum Istanbul.If you have doubt , go check for yourself."

All i know is that the oldest full copy of Quran is from the ninth century long after Muhammad died.

landownunder: "Muhammad Peace be upon him was the last messenger."

First don't say "peace be upon him" because it is an innovation intended to exalt and commemorate Muhammad besides God. Nowhere in Quran did God say that Muhammad is the last "messenger", please read carefully,

[33:40] Muhammad was not the father of any man among you. He was a messenger of GOD and the final prophet. GOD is fully aware of all things.

God would have said "the final messenger" but He didn't, because a prophet delivers a book of prophecy, as for a messenger, he just uses the available scripture to deliver further instructions and wisdom. Note that there is a clear distinction between a mere messenger and a messenger prophet in Quran, for example reflect on the following verse,

[3:79] Never would a human being whom GOD blessed with the scripture and prophethood say to the people, "Idolize me beside GOD." Instead, (he would say), "Devote yourselves absolutely to your Lord alone," according to the scripture you preach and the teachings you learn.

Many other verses mention the scripture along with prophethood, not with messengership.

landownunder: "Rashad Khalifa is not a messenger.Messengers have miracles, what miracle has Rashad Khalifa Shown? Oh and dont say he found the 19 equation because the 19 equation was something first stumbled upon by a Bahaain Monk, who also claimed to be a messenger."

Yes his miracle was the discover of the 19 code in teh scripture and the universe, could you tell us who is this Bahaain Monk who discovered 19 in Quran?

landownunder: "The 19 equation is the Miracle of Kur'an, and by stumbling up on it, or finding it does not make you a prophet."

It doesn't make you a prophet but makes you a messenger, have any other "great" scholar discovered it in Quran during the 1400 years before Rashad? have any of them wondered why the basmala, the opening statment of the 114 chapters (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful) is 19 letters (amazingly it's 19x2 letters in english!), have any one of them wondered what are the mysterious, meaningless letters preceding the 29 chapters (e.g: ALM), have any of them questioned ahy the quran is 114 chapters (19x6) ? apparently God preserves His miracles for his messengers to prove their message.

landownunder: "After all the Kur'an is a book that shouldnt be simple as it was sent to mathematicians, and geniuses???"

The miracle is so vast, it ranges from simple facts that can be appreciated by almost everyone, to little complicated facts that can also be appreciated by some, each according to his understanding, however only the sincere would appreciate such an intricate miracle, it was resevred for the age of the computer, when the people are knowledgeable enough of numbers to understand it. The above two facts i stated (the number of chapters, the basmala) don't need a mathematician to be appreciated or do they?

landownunder: "Te Muslim world has been suffering the past 100 years.Not because of its ignorance but because of the Games played upon it by the dark satanic forces."

There are no coindcidences in this world, and if they were in a state of misery, it's because they followed Satan. God has promised the believers with Victory, where is it in the muslim world?. Satan has no control, everything is running according to God's master plan, and the master plan promises victory for the believers in God alone, the muslims however believe in God+ Muhammad, or could you tell me, why they make the pilgrimage to God's shrine in Mecca + Muhammad's shrine in Medina?

landownunder: "What about the first muslims (the Sahaba)? why did they suffer? were they also crooked muslims? who misunderstood the Kur'an and followed a man called Muhammed? I also want a proper answer to that."

Muhammad and his followers (Sahaba) were eventually granted Victory when they steadfastly persevered, purified themselves of fear and went back to Mecca as victors without spilling a drop of blood (the Meccans by then were afraid of their might so they surrendered). Thus they tasted the victory in their lifetime, since then no muslim group has ever tatsed real victory, why? because of the developement of the Hadith man-made books and distorting the religion.

landownunder: "All i can say is it can only be a person who is totally confused who would call a muslim to denounce verses from the Kur'an in the name of inviting him to islam"

I have a physical incontrovertible proof that anybody can verify, where is your proof for your claims?. God indeed preserved His book by means of this miracle that was hidden for 1400 years and then rose to purify the book as per God's promise. Nowhere in Quran does the word "Merciful" refer to other than God, why in the false verses it refers to Muhammad? or is the idol-worshipers trying to exalt their idol.
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