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Default Re: The Great "HIV" Hoax

According to their claims, HIV, unlike other viruses, has never been isolated as an independent stable particle. These scientists assert that electron microscope pictures of micrographs of all HIV isolates originally produced by GALLO and by other AIDS' researchers since show some objects that look like retroviruses along with a number of other microbial objects that clearly are not viruses, and that among these, the retrovirus-like objects called HIV are only observed in cell cultures that have been stimulated by certain chemicals.

Isolation is the only direct and unambiguous evidence of a virus, and isolation of a virus from the uncultured plasma of a patient is the only proof that a person has an active viral infection. Cultures are artificial laboratory environments that contain replicating microorganisms or cells.

Normally, true isolation can be achieved without difficulty as people with an active viral infection will have lot of viruses in their plasma. This is not the case with HIV. In fact, there is no evidence that anyone has ever found what is called HIV in fresh plasma. Instead, AIDS' researchers are only able to find what they call HIV when plasma or immune cells (co-cultures) and stimulating chemicals are added to cultures. Since artificially stimulated cultures can induce viral DNA to produce viruses even when the patient's plasma contains no virus, finding virus under these curmstances does not constitute evidence that patient plasma contains the virus.

True virus isolation requires using fresh, uncultered plasma.


Create the disease and sell us your drugs...such as Autism.

What better way to silence a society than through the creation of Autism.

Diagnose a condition such as HIV that doesn't exist and sell us your drugs...

Miracle CURES courtesy of the very elite, powerful and wealthy pharmaceutical companies.

Steal from the poor and the rich get richer.

They can't hold us up by gun point, so they have devised so many other covert ways to rob us blind and keep us dependent upon them.
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