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Default Re: The big question for you all!


I finally understand your point. I must admit that to begin with I simply glossed over your article because I had the will to fight in my heart. I didnít really want to understand your point because the new world order conspiracy was far too important to me. And that is the problem: it was too important to me. Conspiracy is an obsession, and as with all obsessions, they are extremely unhealthy for your heart: your spirit.

If you consider the four aspects of well being; Physical; Intellectual; Emotional and Spiritual, the obsession with conspiracy causes you to focus too strongly on the Intellectual aspect: you become consumed by it. You actually gain satisfaction out of thinking you are a source of all-important knowledge. Like a guru I suppose. I think it is important to understand what is going on around us, but leave it at that and then go out and enjoy your time with the people you care about. Youíve got to spend time developing your Spiritual side as well as the other three. I believe that obsessions such as conspiracy more often than not causes you to loose touch with your Spiritual aspect.

Because there is a Spiritual aspect to us, it is crucial that we do not ignore it and become obsessed with one or all of the other three. I truly believe that ignoring the Spiritual is the reason for unhappiness and depression amongst us. In addition, it leaves us feeling confused and maybe even hopeless.

Campaigning about the new world order is an okay thing to do as long as it is not the thing that defines you.

To be honest with you, and everyone else here, new world order conspiracy was an obsession for me, but I can confidently say that it isnít any longer.
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